Winter Japan Day 10 - Nagoya to Singapore

Good morning Nagoya.

A fantastic view of Nagoya from the breakfast table on level 15 of Marriott.

Getting to the Chubu Centrair International Airport was easy. The subway is located less than 5 minutes walk from Marriott hotel. The information screen on each platform would show very clearly the trains approaching.

Tickets can be bought from the self-service machines. There should also be someone there to assist most of the time. Get a reserved seat if you prefer more room and a more comfortable journey.

Inside the Meitetsu airport express reserved seat car.

I was amazed by this little beer dispenser. Just place an empty glass on the holder, press the button once, and the holder will tilt the glass and deliver happiness. Every glass was perfect with no wastage, no extra foam to pour away.
Before boarding and with a glass of Asahi in my hand, cheers to the great land of the rising sun for a magnificent and memorable trip. I've never seen and been drenched in so much snow in my life. And have never drank so much sake in a week. 
Finally, not forgetting the minka and the monkey for starting and inspiring this fabulous winter holiday. 乾杯!

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