Italy 2015 Parte Tre - Cinque Terre

After Milan, we headed south towards the dramatic Italian Riviera where 5 beautiful towns sit precariously on the rugged coastline. Cinque Terre (literally five lands) comprises 5 towns, namely Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. Like what many would say, it's one of those places we should visit at least once in our life. Totally agree.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Shall let the photos say it all...

 Our Airbnb accommodation at Riomaggiore.

Wonderful view from our room.

Many beautiful cats along the streets in Riomaggiore.

And playful ones.

The signature postcard view of Riomaggiore.

Watching sunset along the rocky coastline of Riomaggiore.

Every evening, huge crowds of tourists gather along the rocky coastline, some with bottles of wine in their hands. All enjoying the beautiful sunset of this Italian Riveria.

Walked out further along the rocky water edge to get a panoramic view of Riomaggiore.

 Beautiful colours of Riomaggiore greeted by birds and the morning sun.

 Many brave souls spotted doing cliff diving.

A ferry arriving at the pier at Riomaggiore. This is the ferry service that connects the 5 towns quickly and conveniently.

Using the ferry to commute between the 5 towns is probably a better option than train. It provides a splendid view of each town from the sea.

 Friendly pet dog in Monterosso al Mare.

Much-needed sunglasses in this hot Italian summer. Caught in the reflection is The Church of Saint John the Baptist in Monterosso, built between 1244 and 1307.

Eat local, drink local.

The popular beach of Monterosso al Mare.

A panoramic view of Vernazza, with the iconic Church of Santa Margherita d'Antiochia gracing the harbour.

Interior of the Church of Santa Margherita d'Antiochia built in 1318 in Ligurian gothic style.

Back to Riomaggiore.

SpongeBob X Cinque Terre.

A great place for dinner is at the Ristorante dau Cila by the water edge in Riomaggiore (our Airbnb apartment sits directly above the restaurant).

Fresh oysters for dinner by the sea at Ristorante dau Cila.

Tourists starting to fill up the rocky water edge, waiting to catch the magnificent sunset.

The train station at Riomaggiore.

Bidding farewell to this beautiful Italian Riveria town of Riomaggiore before departing for Florence.

Travelling from Riomaggiore to Florence and transferring at La Spezia Centrale.

Continuing the journey in Part 4...

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