Cameron Highlands - Of Prickly, Crawly and Landy

Cameron Highlands (CH) is a family-friendly destination, offering many activities for the young ones, e.g. plucking of strawberries, walking in butterfly enclosures, and visiting the vegetable farms and tea factory. Well, obviously that wasn't my reason for making two trips there recently.

When there are no children terrorising the attractions, one can truly soak in the quiet natural environment, smell the fresh air, and listen to the sound of water trickling somewhere from afar. This sense of peace allows one to slow down and appreciate the little things in life, savour the strawberry coffee or study the plants in the forest. And that gave me the opportunity to get up-close with nature and to capture things at an intimate level along the way.

From the prickly faces of the myriad of cactuses at the Cactus Valley to the colourful crawly creatures at the Butterfly Garden, there are many opportunities for close-up photography lovers. I'm not exactly a fan of this genre but I had good fun looking at the fascinating details of nature through my lens.

The ability to slow down during travel would allow one to observe, analyse and remember things better. However, even if you were to rush through CH like a package tour victim, there is one thing you would not miss still - old Land Rovers in all colours and DIY livery, often speeding down the windy road with thick black smoke and blurbs from its exhaust.

So if you are planning a trip up the mountains, don't forget to slow down, look close and appreciate the smaller things in life, which are so often taken for granted. And while slowing down to appreciate what's around you, don't forget to watch the traffic and look out for a speeding Landy coming your way every other minute.

"Are you staring at me?" A tiny tree snake in the reptile enclosure at the Butterfly Garden.

Reptile enclosure at the Butterfly Garden.

Butterfly Garden.

Butterfly Garden.

Butterfly Garden.

Heading for lunch.

"Where's my food?"


Showing off to an uninterested audience.

Sauron in green.

Leftover meal.

Valleys of a cactus plant at the Cactus Valley.

Prickly. Cactus Valley.

Cactus Valley.

Cactus Valley.

Cactus Valley.

Cactus Valley.

Peacock at the Rose Valley.

Landy Galore.

Landy Galore.


  1. Beautiful pictures. What size lens did you use for the animal pictures?

    1. Thank you jujubee. They were all taken with Nikon D800E with Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro lens (